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Since I can remember, way back in my teens, I have

been baking cakes and have always had a love of food.


It didn’t stop there, I became a chef and worked in

exciting vibrant kitchens in Europe some of which are

Michelin Star Restaurants. I became the food designer

for photo shoots while working at “Clarkes” in London.


Eventually true love took me to a far away Land – Australia.


The cakes blossomed into many different types of

cakes & desserts. But I was homesick for “Soul Food” my Jamaican and English roots. Soon I was producing Traditional Christmas Puddings (Stephanie & Renate’s Traditional Xmas Puds), Mince Pies, Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken and Voodoo Chilli Sauce.My brand Blue Jamaica’s Marinades & Spices was producing in large numbers across Victoria Australia.


After a series of Cafes (Blue Rhythm Cafe, The Annex and Babble On Babylon I became a parent and being a full-time mum became my first priority.


Needless to say everyone is growing up fast and eating well so once again I’m back in the kitchen creating new tastes and flavours!


From these ideas I have created Mama Blu’s range of Chilli Sauces. Made by me using fresh and seasonal ingredients to complement my already successful Voodoo Chilli Sauce. 

I have just begun again in a new kitchen in Elwood, at 61 Glenhuntly Rd.  It is exciting to feel the heat of the stove and ovens again.


I hope you enjoy the Mama Blu range as much all my friends who I thank for all their tasting, honest opinions & laughter.


Steff Kamener


Mama Blu Food Co


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