Callalloo Fritters        (Veg)            $13

Fritters of Callaloo,  a leafy green vegetable similar to spinach        6 per serve

Stamp 'n' Go Salt Cod Fritters       $3

Fritters, with Saltfish and spices  6 per serve

Beef  Patties                                     $9

Similar to the South American Empanada  a savoury pastry

filled with Beef & Spices.  2 per serve

Shrimps in a Spicy Creole sauce    $15

Shrimps cooked in a hot & spicy tomato sauce, served with warm Roti

Cuban Spiced Fried Chicken Wings  $16

3 lip tinglin' wings, as delicious as fried wings can be,  Served with Fried Plantain

Honey & Passionfruit Spiced Chicken Ribs  $11

A sweeter and fruitier version of the jerk.  Simply YUM.

Sticky, Spicy & Sweet Beef Ribs       $16

Drop off the bone, delicious.  2 per serve. 

Ackee and Saltfish        (GF)              $16

One of Jamaica's most unique dishes.  Served with warm tortilla.

(Can be served Vegan with Callaloo instead of saltfish)

Barbados Baked Fish                          $22

A fillet of fish marinated and then baked



A little bit spicy, a little bit smokey, a little bit sweet and a little bit Chilli.

Jerk Field Mushrooms       (Vegan)    $12

Jerk Pork Ribs                                     $16

Jerk Chicken:     Quarter  Chicken     $13

                             Half Chicken            $20

                             Whole Chicken        $34


(Jerk Chicken/Pork can take 25 -30 mins - soon come)



Run Down            (Vegan)                     $16

Okra, Corn, Tomatoes & Kidney Beans cooked with

Jalapeno chillies, Plantain and spring onions in a Coconut sauce

Curried Goat                                           $18

Tender Goat meat cooked on the bone in a traditional curry sauce




Macaroni Cheese                                    $9

made with 4 cheeses & Caribbean spices - not spicy just tasty

Mixed Yam & Cassava Chips                 $8

with Voodoo or House Mayonnaise

Plaintain Chips                                        $9

Callaloo Leaves                                       $6

gently sauted with fresh Thyme

Baked Sweet Yam                                    $6

Hand made Coleslaw                               $9

Rice 'n' Peas                                             $8

Corn on the Cob                                       $9

with Mama Blu Butter

Okra Chips                                                $8



Mama Blu's Caribbean Delight          $12

Sorbets                                                $10

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